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About Us


Welcome to Mossbrook Swim!
Our story is one of passion, creativity, and a commitment to making swimwear that stands apart from the rest. What started as a personal endeavor quickly blossomed into something more as Adelyn began to share her love for unique, handcrafted swimwear with the world. 
From the very beginning, Mossbrook Swim has been driven by a dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. Each piece offered is a unique creation, designed and handmade in Canada. As a small, female-run business, we take great pride in supporting local talent and contributing to the vibrant community of artisans in Canada.
 Each Mossbrook piece is thoughtfully crafted to evoke our love for the Canadian outdoors, nostalgic lake summers, and the enchanting movements found in dance and nature. The Mossbrook girl is an adventurer at heart and finds beauty in every corner of the world. She is wild and untamed, dances to her own rhythm and unapologetically herself.
Mission and Sustainability
In this era of fast fashion, Mossbrook Swim stands apart by embracing the principles of slow fashion, which place value on the artistry of garment making and the longevity of our designs. Swimwear should be more than a fleeting trend; it should be a cherished piece that you can enjoy for seasons to come.
The commitment to slow fashion and sustainability goes hand in hand with the emphasis on creating swimwear in small quantities. By carefully producing each piece in limited quantities, we ensure that every suit receives the attention to detail it deserves, resulting in swimwear that is truly special.
As part of the ongoing commitment to sustainability, we create our suits in small batches and offer made-to-order options. This approach allows us to avoid unnecessary waste, ensuring that every swimsuit is purposefully made with care and consideration.
In addition to our environmental efforts, we proudly use reusable biking bags for packaging, replacing harmful plastic with a sustainable alternative. The continuous strive to minimize our ecological impact includes exploring the use of innovative materials, such as recycled water bottle fabrics, to further our sustainable practices.


Your support means the world, and we can't wait to see you sporting Mossbrook Swim suits on your lakeside adventures.
Thank you for being part of the journey to reimagine swimwear and embrace the beauty of slow fashion.
With love and gratitude,